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Specialist for set up DIP production line

Before purchasing the product, we will be a comprehensive analysis of customer requirements and recommend the most suitable solutions to our customers and let customers know the configurations and parameters of over all the solutions.

About us

Shanzhong Technology was founded in China in 2009.

Shenzhen, deep in the automatic conveying and SMT surrounding, DIPsurrounding, PCBA industry, Shanzhong technology set import and export trade production sales and service as one.


Machines and patents


Years of experience


Countries and regions exported

60 million+

total income from sales

Production Line

DC-250A Dual Rail Connecting Table
DC-250A Dual Rail Connecting Table
DIP-350-SZ three-stage plate dispenser (750)
Belt docking station
Telescopic Aisle Machine
plug-in (software)
FM-350W-GD Folding Aisle Machine
NC-BC-330 Connecting Table (with light)

Our Advantages

Customised equipment lengths available.
Rugged design improves stability.
More precise and durable laser cut guide edges.
Highly sensitive "OMRON" photoelectric switches.

Quality Services



Technical advice before purchase and technical support online or abroad after purchase



One year guarantee and life long maintenance



All machines can be highly customized by customer

Specialist for set up SMT production line.

Specialist for design and manufacture all kinds of transmission line.

Wish For

Become one of customer trust SMT machine manufacturers all over the world.

With focus on specialized operations in the SMT machines field, with market as orientation, SunzonTech will advance internationalization through informatization and rapidly respond to individualized needs of domestic and international customers. 


Middle East


About SZKJ

software-leading in the industry.

Whar Our Clients Say



Alice Howard

The overall mobile platform module adopts maglev design with small contact surface and is equipped with cost-effective closed-loop motor. Maglev design ensures fast running speed and small contact surface ensures silence during operation

Middle East


Machines with lifting platform modules, such as plate machines, plate take-up machines, cache machines, etc., the lifting platform will use one-time molding cast aluminum parts, with precision screw, lifting stability


Ema Romero

Purchased rail machine, through 458 communication, can achieve any connection, through testing, certification, field use, can be any connection, to achieve one-key width adjustment


Ann Smith

The purchased equipment turning machine adopts modular design, high-power drive, to ensure the power in the turning, gas spring shock absorption, increase the electromagnet adsorption process, to ensure the repeated accuracy of each turning



With our high quality products, attentive service and rich experienced in surface mount technology industry, there are many excellent company choose to cooperate with us, such as Huawei, Suneast, Foxconn, ZTE, SHENZHOU Group, BYD, Kanglian Electronics, Midea etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

1、Push the plate cylinder is not in the origin, check the origin sensor is normal
2, the upper and lower limit position is detected, the upper board limit position has triggered
3、Lift control relay is damaged
4、Is there any sensing out of the box photoelectric sensor

1、Check whether the lift rack sensor is triggered, or damaged
2、Rise and fall time distance sensor has sensed the rack

1, in the manual state to test whether the push plate function is effective
2, the automatic state does not push the board need to be able to see on the touch screen to see whether the lower computer received out of the board signal

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