1, the material box has no deformation
2, if each box are different, it is necessary to make adjustments to the height of the board guide seat up and down

1、Check whether the pressure of the push plate cylinder is too large.
2、Whether the material box is deformed, resulting in the push plate cylinder can not be pushed

You can observe the IO table on the touch screen to see if you have received any out-of-board signals from the lower unit

Check whether the lower machine has been to the upper board machine to board signal, the normal lower machine received the board of the upper board machine will be disconnected from the open out of the board signal

1、Detect switching power supply with or without 24V power output
2、Whether the 24V fuse is blown

1、Is the motor damaged
2、pull the chain by hand whether it is smooth, whether it is jammed resulting in the electric turn does not move

1, in the manual state to test whether the push plate function is effective
2、Is there any detection of the box in place sensor

1、Check whether the box out sensor is always detected
2, the upper out of the box position is blocked box

Check to see if the outgoing board photoelectricity always detects the presence of a board

1、Observe the PLC output control with or without indicator light.
2、Check whether the sprocket screws on the motor and conveyor chain are loose, and then tighten them again.
3、Is the control relay damaged

1、Whether the ball screw has regular maintenance and refueling maintenance
2、Ball screw lower thrust bearing with or without refueling

Check that the pusher plate in place sensor is not triggered, or that the sensor is damaged

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