TM-300W-SZ Automatic Ieveling Machine

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Equipment configuration
– The transfer motor is a “research controlled” stepper motor with a stepper drive
– Translation motion transfer motor adopts “research control” stepper motor with stepper driver
– Taiwan “TBI” adjustable screw
– Japanese “Omron” photoelectric sensor
– Japan “Panasonic” PLC
– “Wilenton” true color touch screen panel control
– Mobile cable adopts imported German “IGgs” cable,
– American “Martin” drive wheel
– Front and rear standard SMEMA interfaces
1. Microcomputer (PLC) control, stable and reliable work.
2. Real color touch screen panel control, easy to operate
3. Multiple sound and light alarm functions,
4. The direction can be left to right or right to left
5. With anti-card board function to prevent the mechanism
6. With one in two out or two in one out or through function
7. Exercise schedule can be set
6. Standard equipped signal (SMEWA) can be connected to other devices online

Equipment brand SZKJ
Equipment type TM-300W-SZ automatic leveling machine
Transmission direction Left-to-right, right-to-left, customizable
Transfer height 900±20mm
Maximum PCB board size (L)330*(W)50-250mm
PCB thickness PCB thickness 0.5-4mm
Total size of equipment (L*W*H) 500*1200*1100mm(L*W*H)

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