What are the technical processing methods of the flow line

1, multiple tasks compete for the same pipeline segment in the same time cycle. For example, if in the instruction pipeline, if the data and instructions are placed in the same storage, and there is only one access interface, then the two instructions will contend for the storage; in some arithmetic pipelines, some operations will access an arithmetic component at the same time.

2, data dependency. For example, A operation must get the result of B operation, however, B operation has not yet started, A operation action must wait until the completion of the B operation, the two operations can not be executed at the same time.


1. Increase the number of components so that they do not have to compete for the same component.

2.Rearrange the order of instructions or operations by instruction scheduling.

What are some common Q&A questions about pipelining?

1. the pipeline must be always from left to right or right to left?

Generally speaking, because most people are used to the right hand, the assembly line flows from left to right. However, because of the area limitation of some factories, it may lead to at least one of the two or more assembly lines flowing in the opposite direction.

2. U-shaped assembly line is appropriate?

Not necessarily, the layout of the production line must be based on the characteristics of the product and process.

3.the faster the speed of the assembly line, the higher his capacity?

The level of production capacity should depend on the bottleneck process of the operating time and the operating time of each station fast, if forced to increase the speed of the production line, but will cause many problems.

4.assembly line is designed to transport products?

Not exactly. The purpose is to achieve “continuous value flow” of products.

5.Why is the output lower at the beginning of the shift or during the changeover period?

It is a preparation stage, and it is a problematic time. Therefore, the management of handover is very critical.

6.Does the speed setting of the flow line have to be constant? Every day?

In the same product category should be constant, in different products in the same line production, there will be speed changes. At the same time, because of the problem of new employees, the line speed will be reduced.

7.Pitch mark each frame can only put a product?

Not necessarily, we should pursue a smooth production flow.

8.Does the processing speed of pre-assembly get faster and better? The more buffer stock, the better?

No, should be produced on demand. But the processing speed of pre-assembly can be slightly faster than the assembly speed.

9.the assembly line to facilitate the detection of backlogs, Kanban can show the progress of the line manager to urge employees to do faster right?

The first two are right, but three is not necessarily, in the case of normal production beat should not urge employees, which will cause some unnecessary problems (eg: urging employees to work hand in hand changes, the check is ignored)

10.the head of the line said someone on leave, can not line right? If you can not borrow people, let the staff work separately?

Strictly speaking, the first assembly line is less than one person’s cooperation and co-operation will not be able to complete all subsequent operations. If there is one less person in one section, the production will be reduced, but not much. Also where is the emergency response to this situation? Managers do not consider these common problems, then he can still open the factory?

11. Who is more reasonable, employees who produce standing up or sitting down?

Depends on the product/conditions/facilities

12.Should containers on the flow line be specialised or generalised, and what is his size!

Should be designed for most general purpose, not general purpose specialised treatment.

13.The height and width of the flow line and the height and width of the machine how much more reasonable?

In accordance with ergonomic principles, sitting bench height 65 ~ 75CM, seat 38 ~ 45; standing bench 85 ~ 95CM, seat 58 ~ 62, there are 20 ~ 30 table plate to put feet.


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