Regular maintenance of automatic production line maintenance method

Regular maintenance and repair of the automatic production line is the production line users must do, because the wear and tear of parts for a long time parts have reached a peak, we must stop the automatic production line operation to check and replace the parts before packaging process operation again, with twice the result with half the effort.

If the automatic production line manufacturers do not do regular maintenance, will greatly affect the packaging process, resulting in food packaging defective, and excessive wear and tear of parts will cause a series of equipment chain failure. Automatic production line maintenance must implement the following requirements:

First, regular maintenance, do not take the production line order quantity as a reason to plug drag;.

Automatic production line customers can use in accordance with the number of their own orders to develop a good maintenance cycle, in which as long as the regular testing and replacement of worn parts can be.

Second, from the key position maintenance maintenance automatic production line; 1, from the touch screen operator console.

1, from the touch screen operator, check whether the parameter value is normal.

2, check the production line key running position, check whether the wear and tear, can compare the quality of products before and after see.

3, timely erase the appearance of the automatic production line and the dust of the workbench, to prevent static electricity lead to short circuit equipment or hinder the operation of the process.

Automatic production line is a high-power automated production equipment, production workshop environment must be maintained dry, to prevent the potential risk of electric shock. Although the automatic production line must do regular maintenance, but also in the production should pay close attention to the link operation.


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