ML-350W-SZ Automatic Stacker Cranes

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I. Main Functions Main Functions
This equipment is at the front end of the SMT production line, dropping the glossy PCB board onto the transfer track.
II. Technical Parameters
1. Thickness of circuit board 0.6-2.5mm
2. Transfer height 900±20mm
3. PCB board on the board time 6 seconds or customer-specific
4. Air pressure size 4-7kg/m2
5. AC 110V or 220V; single-phase
6.PCB size range 70*70 445*350
7.Normal power 120W

Equipment Brand SZKJ Shanzhong Technology
Model ML-350W-SZ Automatic Stacking Machine
Transfer direction Left to right, right to left, can be customised.
Transfer height 900±20mm
Maximum PCB board size (L)445*(W)70-350mm
PCB thickness  0.5-4mm
Total size of equipment (L*W*H)  510*900*1250mm (L*W*H)
Board feeding time 6–10 seconds adjustable
Power supply AC 220V,50Hz,120W
Alarm function Sound and light alarm with three-colour light to distinguish the current state of work, operation interruption sound and light alarm function
Equipment weight 150kg

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