MFC-M-S-SZ Dual-Track Multi-Function Cache Machine

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1.Equipment Configuration
-Taiwan “VTV” 90W 1:5 brake motor.
-Taiwan “TBI” lifting screws
-Japan “OMRON” photoelectric sensor.
-Japan “Panasonic” PLC.
-Real colour touch screen panel control by “Weiluntong”.
-Stepping motor transmission
-Front and rear standard SMEMA interface
2. Product features
a. Board loading device for SMT production line circuit boards
b. Special sheet metal structure, better understanding of the MAGAZINE operation status.
c. Solid one-piece casting lifting table structure design, improve the stability of the equipment
d. PLC control, colourful man-machine interface operation
e. Conveyor belt + stepping motor transmission
f. Auxiliary positioning brake system, precise positioning, fast lifting speed and high production efficiency.
g. Independent intellectual property rights of the control system, multi-functional electrical circuit and programme design, stable performance, to ensure that the production line smooth, safe and reliable
h. Sound and light prompt alarm system, abnormal information text prompts, easy operation and maintenance
j. Standard SMEMA signal communication mode

Equipment brand  SZKJ Shanzhong Technology
Equipment Model  MFC-M-SZ Multi-function Ribbon Storage Machine
Transfer direction Left to right, right to left, can be customised
Transfer height  900±20mm
Maximum PCB board size  (L)330*(W)50-250mm
PCB thickness  PCB thickness 0.5-4mm
Number of boards stored  20PCS (layer spacing 20MM/layer)
Operation Mode  Feeder Mode, FIFO, LIFO, Straight Through
Total size of equipment (L*W*H) 880*1520*1250mm (L*W*H)
Air pressure  4-7kg/㎡
Board feeding time  6-25 seconds adjustable
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz, 100W
Alarm function Sound and light alarm with three-colour light to distinguish the current state of work, operation interruption sound and light alarm function
Equipment weight  200kg

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