DU-250S-SZ fully automatic double-track double-layer NG take-up machine

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DU-250S-SZ fully automatic double-track double-layer NG take-up machineMain function
This equipment is used for double-track AOI line after the take-up work, small volume, no space, the material box is divided into upper and lower two layers, the upper layer is NG material box, the lower layer is OK material box, the upper layer is a special 10-layer material box left and right one
The lower layer is one on each side of the standard small 50-layer material box
1. Microcomputer (PLC) control, stable and reliable work.
2. Touch screen control interface, easy operation
3. Multiple sound and light alarm functions,
4. The direction can be left to right or right to left
5. Use standard material rack, strong versatility.
6. The lifting step of the material shelf can be set according to the PCB thickness.
7. The turnover box adopts cylinder multi-angle clamping, stable and reliable, and can correct the deformation of the turnover box
8. Special rodless lengthened push plate cylinder, smooth without clearance, push plate strength can be adjusted
9. With anti-card board function to prevent the mechanism
10. The lifting adopts servo motor + planetary reducer transmission, with servo drive
11. Standard equipped signal (SMEWA) can be connected to other devices online

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