How PCBs Are Made?

A Guide to PCB Pick and Place Machines

In the realm of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing, efficiency and precision are significantly important. PCB pick and place machines play a pivotal role in streamlining production processes, ensuring seamless operations, and maintaining high standards of quality.

With that said, let’s delve into the features and benefits of these PCB machines, alongside how they are manufactured by SZKJ.


Fully Automatic Double Track PCB Pick and Place Machines

Fully automatic double track pickup machine

The PCB pick and place machine boasts a microcomputer (PLC) control, ensuring stable and reliable operations. This advanced control mechanism contributes to consistent performance and minimizes downtime, thereby maximizing productivity.

With a user-friendly touchscreen control interface, operating the pickup machine becomes a breeze. This intuitive design promotes ease of use, reducing training time for operators and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

This machine offers flexible directional control, allowing for left-to-right or right-to-left movements as per production requirements. Additionally, its compatibility with standard material racks enhances versatility, accommodating a range of PCB sizes and thicknesses.

One of the standout features SZKJ has installed is the ability to adjust the lifting step of the material shelf based on PCB thickness. This precision customization ensures optimal handling of PCBs during the manufacturing process, contributing to quality outcomes.

Built with a sturdy structure and equipped with an anti-cardboard function, the machine maintains stability and prevents potential issues such as material jamming. This robust design minimizes disruptions and enhances operational reliability. The machine’s standard equipped signal (SMEWA) enables seamless integration with other devices.

Moreover, its multiple sound and light alarm functions provide real-time operational monitoring and alerts, ensuring smooth and efficient production cycles.


Fully Automatic Plate PCB Depaneling Machines

DIP-350-SZ three-stage plate dispenser (750)

Featuring a high-quality brake motor and advanced control system, the PCB depaneling machine delivers optimal performance and reliability. Its precise control mechanisms contribute to accurate plate drawing, enhancing overall production line efficiency.

The machine’s solid structure and integrated casting lifting platform enhance stability, ensuring safe and reliable operations. Additionally, the audible and visual warning system provides timely alerts, promoting a secure working environment.

Similar to other automated machines, the PCB depaneling machine also offers customizable transmission directions and efficient handling of PCBs. These features cater to diverse production setups and optimize workflow flexibility.


Automatic Loading Machines for Seamless PCB Integration

Equipped with advanced control systems and user-friendly interfaces, this machine facilitates smooth integration into PCB production lines. Its compatibility with standard interfaces further streamlines connectivity and operational efficiency.

The machine’s cylinder pushing plate structure allows for precise handling and positioning of PCBs, contributing to high production efficiency. Its auxiliary positioning brake system enhances accuracy and speed, optimizing overall performance.

Quality control is paramount in PCB manufacturing. Designed to handle NG (Not Good) boards automatically, this machine integrates seamlessly with signal systems, ensuring efficient sorting and processing. Its microcomputer (PLC) control and multiple alarm functions enhance quality control measures.



In conclusion, PCB pick and place machines, PCB depaneling machines, automated pickup machines, plate drawing machines, loading machines, and screening machines are irreplaceable assets in modern PCB manufacturing. Their advanced features, intuitive interfaces, and robust construction contribute to enhanced efficiency, precision, and quality across production lines.

SZKJ is leading the automation in PCB handling by not only streamlining operations but also sets new benchmarks for productivity and reliability in the industry. For more information, kindly click here to visit their website!



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